Digital Domain is a visual effects company based out of Venice, California. Since their founding in 1993, they've pioneered the use of computer-generated visual effects in movies and television. Their award-winning work has appeared in movies like Titanic and The Grinch™ Who Stole Christmas, and television commercials for accounts like Budweiser and Nike.

Every day, they have deadlines to meet with some of the world's top ad agencies and studios. For this high-tech firm, FedEx and postal service pickup deadlines were additional hurdles in the production cycle. Until they turned to ReviewManager.

ReviewManager is a critical tool in the process of client review for Digital Domain because it saves them time. "We save precious hours by getting feedback from our clients in a shorter period of time," says Gabby Gourrier-Evans, Executive Producer, Director of Commercial Production, at Digital Domain. "When our clients receive frequent and timely updates, they're more comfortable with our workflow. ReviewManager lets us securely post our work-in-progress to the web as often as we want — we know immediately if the client is pleased with the direction we're taking."

She praises ReviewManager's performance with their international clients and contractors. "We have a client in the middle of Iceland. Even if we used a priority delivery service, it could take 5-7 days for him to receive videotapes of our work-in-progress. As a result, it was basically impossible for him to give us timely feedback. Now that we use ReviewManager, he sees our work immediately and the design phase is shorter."

As a bonus, Digital Domain's clients feel good about the process as well. "Our clients love it," says Gourrier-Evans. "ReviewManager keeps everyone in the loop and no one has to wait for deliverables. When we use ReviewManager, we don't get complaints about the process. In our world, that means they love it. We'd hear about it if they didn't!"

"ReviewManager saves us time and money. And it lets us offer better service to our clients."

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