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All Users


Q: I forgot my password.
A: Simply click on the "forgot password" link below the login fields and ReviewManager™ will re-send your password to your e-mail address. Don't forget, your user name is your complete e-mail address! We cannot email you your password, nor will we give it out over the telephone.

Q: How can I change my password?
A: Click on the "prefs" button found on the navigation bar. Click on the link "change password" and enter your current password along with your new password. Retype your new password in the second field for verification. Click "done." You will now need to enter your new password the next time you log in to ReviewManager.

Q: Can my password be saved?
A: At the log in page, simply click on the "save password" checkbox and proceed to log in. The next time you access ReviewManager, you will bypass the log in process and go directly to your menu page. You can also check your password preference by clicking on "prefs" in the navigation bar. Remember to click "save preferences" when you are done.


Q: What is the ReviewManager™ Menu, and what can I do there?
A: After logging in, you will be directed to your personalized ReviewManager™ Menu. The Menu page lists all of the review pages to which you've been invited. You can sort your pages by client or by all pages. Click on a client name to display the list of review pages. Note: You can sort the pages listed on the Menu by page name, author, and date modified. The default is by page name. An "unread comments" icon appears to the right of the client name and the left of the page name if new comments were added to the page since you last logged into ReviewManager™.


Q: How do I review a page?
A. From the Menu, click on the client name and then the page name to view a page. Then, click on any of the small thumbnail-sized images to see the image full-sized, or to choose to download the file.

Q: How do I delete a review page from my list?
A: Click on the trash can icon found to the far right of each available review page on the Menu. This will delete the page from your list and your name will be tagged with an asterisk on the review page, notifying the creator of the page that you have deleted this page from your list. Note: If you are the page creator, and you delete the page from your menu, you will permanently delete the page and no one will have access to it.

Q. How do I know if a review page has been updated?
A. There is a "date modified" column next to each page in the menu screen. Also, we recommend that the page creator re-notify the users when there have been updates by utilizing the "notify users" feature.


Q: What if I have a hard time reading the PDF Quick Preview?
A: If the PDF Quick Preview is not clear enough to read, we suggest you simply download the document and view it in Adobe Acrobat, or contact the person who invited you to the page and ask them to set the page to preview PDFs with the Plug-In. As long as you have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you will be able to preview the PDF within the browser with Adobe's plug-in.

Q.When I try to view a PDF, I get an error that says the browser can't identify the document type. What do I do?
A: You most likely do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer or your browser cannot find the Adobe Plug-in. You will either want to download the PDF to your desktop, switch your viewer to the "Quick Preview," or install the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Q: I have Adobe Acrobat Reader on my computer but ReviewManager is not finding it or recognizing it. Is there something wrong?
A: You may not have your Adobe Acrobat Reader installed correctly. If it will not recognize your Acrobat, you will need to either re-download the Reader or check Adobe support at


Q: How do I comment on the creative materials I've viewed?
A: There are two levels by which you can post your comments to the review page. There are page-level comments and element-level comments.

To post feedback, offer approval, or give general comments to the creator and other recipients of the page, click on the "add comments" link in the lower right-hand corner of the page OR click on the icon on the navigation bar. The comments box will appear at the beginning of the review page. Once you have completed your comment, click the "add" button and your comment will appear immediately in the lower right-hand corner in reverse chronological order. Your name will automatically appear next to the comment.

You may also add comments to each specific element. Click on the hyperlink in the element cell that says "comments". It will reflect the number of comments that have been posted regarding that specific element. Once you click on the link, a comments window should pop open. You may then post your comment for that element. Click "add" and then "close" when you wish to post the comment.

Q: Who can see the comments posted to a page and to an element?
A: All of the people invited to the page can view the chronological list of comments.

However, if the comments feature has been disabled, only the page creator will be able to see the comments.

Q: How do I know if comments have been added?
A: From the Menu, you will see a "comments" icon next to the client or page name if any new comments have been added to that page. You can also elect to receive comments via emailon individual pages by checking the "Notify me of new comments" box on the bottom right corner of the page below the comments field. When a comment is added, ReviewManager™ will send you a copy of the comment via e-mail.

A new comments icon will also appear next to the comments link in specific cells if there are new element-level comments.

Q. How do I delete a comment from a page?
A. Only the page creator has the ability to delete comments.


Q. How do I download a file from a Mac?
A. Once you have clicked on the icon of the file you wish to download, click on the link next to the name of the file that says, "download." Depending on which browser you are using, there are different methods of saving the file.

Internet Explorer Users: Then click on the link "click and hold to download". While holding your mouse button down, a pop-up window should appear. You have the option to download to a disk, view in a new window, or copy the link to a clipboard.
Firefox Users: Click the download link and choose "Save File" when prompted.
Safari Users: Click the download link and it will immediately download to your computer.
Chrome Users: Click the download link and it will immediately download to your computer.
Netscape Navigator Users: Click and hold on the file, image, or movie, and choose ""

Q. How do I download a file from a PC?
A. Once you have clicked on the icon of the file you wish to download, click on the link next to the name of the file that says, "download." A pop-up window should appear titled, "File download." You may then save the file to a disk.


Q: What is the maximum size of a file that I may upload?
A: Upload Limitations
Internet Explorer (5.x or greater) - 100 MB maximum
Firefox (1.x or greater) - 100 MB maximum
Chrome (7.x or greater) - 100 MB maximum
Safari (2.x or greater) - 100 MB maximum

Q: What are the time limitations on uploads?
A: There is a 20-minute time limit on all uploads.

Q: Is there a connection speed minimum?
A: There is no connection speed minimum; however, we recommend using a high speed connection if you are uploading large files.

Q: What type of browser is recommended?
A: For optimal performance, we recommend using Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher.

Q: When I am uploading an MPEG, it shows up as an MP3. What do I do?
A: If you are using any version of Netscape 4.x or older on Windows, MPEGs are not currently supported for upload. Try Netscape 7.x or greater or switch to a different browser like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari. You may view MPEGs uploaded from a different browser on Netscape 4.x or older; however, you are limited on uploading them on the Windows-Netscape combination.

Q: When I am uploading a document, sometimes my screen "locks" and it won't upload and move to the next screen. I also have a hard time moving between pages. What is happening?
A: You are most likely experiencing this problem if you are working on a Mac and using Internet Explorer. What is happening is your screen is not refreshing properly. You'll most likely be able to watch the progress bar move and then quickly disappear. The browser says "Done"; however, your screen hasn't moved.

This is a known Microsoft bug in this particular browser/computer configuration and thus, is not a ReviewManager system problem. Until Microsoft is able to revise this refresh issue, we suggest you try clicking "Refresh" on your browser, move to a different page within ReviewManager, or click out of ReviewManager to another website and then click "Back." This often clears the problem. However, if you are finding the refresh issue debilitating to your project, switch to Safari, Firefox or Chrome, if possible.


Q: What are the differences between all the different types of users in the system?
A: First, there are two major differences between users in the system--users that you add to your company user list, and users that you add to specific pages.

*Users in your company user list: When you add these people, you have the option of adding them as a level 1, 2, or 5.

Level 1: Standard User - This person can view pages created by others but does not have the ability to add, delete, or edit pages.
Level 2: Page Creator - This person has the ability to add, delete, or edit pages, but does not have the ability to add people or clients, change company prefs, and perform other administrative functions within the system.
Level 5: Company Admin - This person has the same ability as the person who signed up for the account and can perform ALL the functions mentioned above.

*Users added to specific pages: When you add these users, you have the option of giving them editing privileges.
User cannot edit page - User can only view page and post comments.
User can edit page - User can add, delete, and edit items on the page.

Page Creators


Q: How do I create a new review page?
A: If you have page creation abilities, click on the "New Page" button and follow the directions below. If you don't have Page Creator status, you will not be able to access the "New Page" feature and you will need to contact your ReviewManager™ Administrator and request the capability to create a page.

  1. Create a New Page
    Click on the "New Page" button on the top of navigation bar.
  2. Select a Client
    The pull-down menu lists all of the companies that have been established as ReviewManager™ clients. If you do not see a client listed here, and you need to make a review page for them, please contact your Administrator. Once you have selected the appropriate client, click "set."
  3. Add Company Logo(s) & Name the Page
    If you want to add your company's logo to the review page, simply select it from the pull-down list. In the same way, select the appropriate client logo from the pull-down list on the right if you would like for that logo to appear on the page. As with the client list, if the company logo list does not contain any company logos, talk to your administrator and have them add the logos.
  4. Page Name and Page Description
    The Page Name should briefly and intuitively explain the topic of the review page. The Page Name will appear on the Menu list. The Page Description can be used to present a more detailed description of the page contents as well as any general instructions or directions such as feedback deadlines.
  5. Page Customizations
    You also have the option to display or not to display the comments on the page. This option is important if you don't wish for people to post their feedback to the page. You also have the option to display the list of people invited to the page. This is particularly important if you don't want to publish the people who have visited the page or if you are inviting numerous people to the page.

  6. Element Arrangement
    You may organize the elements on your page by sorting alphabetically, newest first, oldest first, or by a custom sort where you can choose to put them in your own specific order by changing the numbers to the left of the element icons.


Q: How do I add files (elements) to my review page?
A: To add files to a review page, click on the "add item" link at the top right. Click the "browse" button to select the file you would like to add. Notes: Make sure every file has an extension such as .gif, .html, .xls, etc. Also, you can rename the file in the Name field if you prefer (for example, something less cryptic than the original file name). The Description field lets you add text that specifically relates to that element. This is a perfect place to add copy and/or version information.

Note: If you are using a PC, you will notice an "add multiple" link next to the "add item" link. You can add multiple files at once by continually browsing for the documents you wish to display. They will appear in the upload window. Click the "start upload" button when you have completed the addition of your multiple documents. This feature is not currently available for Macintosh users.

Q: How do I add a URL to a review page?
A: Click on the add url link at the top right of a review page. Enter the URL and click "done" when finished. Note: If your header or footer is being cut off by the frame when you view a URL, you can adjust the height of the header and footer frame in your company prefs (header/footer height).

Q: How do I delete files (elements) from my review page?
A: You will see a "delete" link directly above the thumbnail-sized image of the file. Clicking on the delete link will remove the file from the page after a warning message confirms that you want to delete it.


Q: The QuickView of PDFs doesn't offer me the most optimal viewing. Do I have other options to show my work?
A: You have three options in viewing PDFs. You can choose "No Preview" if you wish for your clients to simply download the document. You can choose "Quick Preview" for an online presentation of your PDF and you can choose "Plug-In" for the most optimal view of your PDF. If you choose "Plug-In," you assume your clients have Adobe Acrobat reader.

Q: Does my client have to have a particular version of Adobe Acrobat to use the Plug-In?
A: You don't necessarily have to have the same version, but your client should have the same or newer version of Adobe Acrobat Reader than you have. Of course, it is always suggested you use the latest version of Adobe Acrobat. To download the latest version, follow this link:

Q: What if I set the page to view the PDF with the Plug-In and my client doesn't have Adobe Acrobat Reader? Will they still be able to see a preview and download the document?
A: Your client will receive an error message or indication that their browser cannot identify the document type. They will either need to switch to the "Quick Preview," download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, or simply download the document to their desktop for viewing.

Q: I just uploaded a PDF and the thumbnail is not showing up on my page. Did I do something wrong?
A: The ReviewManager system allocates the majority of its resources to creating the PDF Quick Preview than it does on creating graphic thumbnails. The thumbnail is simply a representation of the element and will not always appear as a smaller version of your document. It may show up as a generic PDF thumbnail instead.

Q: I just uploaded a PDF and the thumbnail is showing up but I don't see the Quick PreView. It says "Preview not available." Why I can see the thumbnail but can't I see the PDF?
A: Your PDF is most likely too large or there were problems rendering your PDF in the Quick Preview. For best results, use the Adobe Plug-in to view and present your PDF.

Q: I would like for my clients to be able to make revisions and mark changes on my PDF. How can I do that?
A: Only subscribers to the Enterprise or Large Enterprise accounts have access to the Adobe Collaboration feature. Contact ReviewManager Sales if you would like to upgrade to an Enterprise account. If you do have and Enterprise account, you need access to Adobe Acrobat 5.0, 5.05 or newer (the full version) and your client must also have Adobe Acrobat 5.0, 5.05 or newer.


Q: What configurations must I have to use the Adobe Collaboration feature?
You must have Adobe Acrobat 5.0, 5.05, or higher on a Windows or a Mac computer. As of April 23, 2002, Adobe did not support OSX. Consult for any further hardware, software, or browser configurations.

Q: I have a full copy of Adobe Acrobat, but I get an error that my comments can't get stored on the server. What does that mean?
A: This is most likely due to a firewall or proxy configuration. Contact your network administrator and ask him/her to enable "WebDAV Over Port 80."


Q: How do I invite someone to a review page?
A: Within the review page that you want to invite someone to, there is a list of "people" in the lower left corner. Click on the "add" link and enter the e-mail address of the recipient. If you want to add multiple email addresses, simply the enter email addresses separated by commas. You have the option of allowing people to edit this page (add, delete, and rename elements, page name and description) and adding them to your address book. You may also type a note that will show up in the first part of the email. When you click "done," the individual(s) will be sent a notification email including the page location (url) and their password.

Q: How does the address book work?
A: The Address Book menu offers you a quick way to add a person or a group of people to a page. When you add someone for the first time to a page, just check the "add to my address book" box and then he or she will appear in your pull-down list. Use the pull-down menu to select a person and/or group and click "Done." You can also individually add people to your address book by clicking "Address Book" on the navigation bar and then clicking the "new address" icon. If you want to add a group of email addresses, click on the "Address Book" link and then click the "groups" link. You also have the ability to save a group of emails by going to the "people" section of a review page and clicking "save."


Q: How do I grant or remove someone's editing privileges on a page?
A: You have the option to give every person you invite to a page editing privileges when you add them to the page. In the review page, you will see a pencil next to each person's name with editing privileges. If you need to give someone editing privileges after adding them to a page, simply re-add them to the page with the changes. To remove someone's editing privileges, delete them and then re-add them to the page with the changes.


Q: How do I edit the items on the page, or the page name and description?
A: As a Page Creator or Editor, you can revise this page as often as you wish. While inside the review page you wish to edit, click on "page settings" in the upper right-hand corner of the page. You can change the logos, page description, page title, and the arrangement of the elements. You can also choose whether or not to display comments or allow users to add comments and whether or not you wish to publish the list of people invited to the page.

Q: How do I edit the elements on the page?
A. Click "edit" in the cell of the element you wish to change. This edit feature does not make changes to the file. It makes changes to the element description and name. You can also choose a different element to upload.


Q: How do the people invited to the page know that it has changed?
A. You can click on the "notify users" link in the "people" section of the page. You have the option of re-notifying all users of the changes or of choosing specific people to notify. Similarly to adding users to a page, you can add a note to the email. Click send and all chosen users will be re-invited to the page via email.


Q: How do I duplicate a page so that I don't have to re-create a whole new page using previous information?
A. Go to the page you want to duplicate and start by clicking on "duplicate" in the top navigation bar. You will notice that in the page name field that a copy of the page name you want to duplicate appears. You may choose to leave it as such or give it a new name. You may then choose a new client and select the features you want duplicated such as the list of people, (however, they will not be automatically notified about the new page), the files (graphics, URLs, etc.), and the comments.

Once you have customized the duplicate page, click "duplicate." The new page will be generated and you can complete the new page by adding new files, people, etc.



At the bottom of the Menu, administrators will see additional options such as "company prefs," "user list," "client list," and "admin report." An administrator has the capability to customize the web site to make it look like their own, create a custom log-in page, add clients, add users, re-assign pages to other page creators, and view the usage report.


Q: How do I customize ReviewManager™ to look like our corporate web site?
A: To customize the look of your review pages, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Company Prefs link on the bottom of your Menu page. You may also access this page from the "prefs" button in the top navigation bar. You will see a link at the bottom of the page.
  2. Enter the header & footer html. You may copy and paste your current web site's header and footer html into the appropriate fields, and edit as necessary. Note: all graphic elements of the header and footer must be stored on your company's web server. You cannot, for instance, upload graphics using ReviewManager™ and then reference them in the header/footer text.
  3. Set the colors of your text, link, background, title bar, etc. Specify web colors (e.g. #EEEEEE) or the words for the most common colors such as "black" or "white."
  4. Add your company logo(s). Logos particularly come in handy if your company has several departments using ReviewManager™. Your Page Creators may not choose to add your company logo to the page if your pages are already branded by a custom header. If you have direct access to the web server where your logo is stored, click "Browse" and locate the logo. If the logo should link to another web site such as your company's home page, type in the link in the link field. Then, click "Add." The logo will then appear in your pop-up list of company logos when you create a new page.


Q: How do I create a new client account?
A: Click on the "client list" link at the bottom of the Menu. The list will reflect all companies you have added as ReviewManager™ clients. Note: you will see the first 20 clients on this initial page; once you surpass 20 client accounts, you will need to click on the "next" link under the table of names or the "next page" icon in the top right-hand corner of the page to see the next list of 20 clients.

  1. Click the "new client" icon in the navigation bar.
  2. Type in the new client name and click "add".
  3. If you are adding multiple clients at one time, click "add next." Once you have the last client on your list, click "add," and you will be directed back to the completed client list.

You can edit a client by clicking on the pencil in the right-hand column.

Q: How do I add a client's logo?
A: In the client list, find the name of the company you just added. Click on the pencil in the "edit" column next to the company name. You can then add the logo by clicking on "Browse." Locate the logo file on your server.

Note: Logos must be in .gif or .jpg format and should ideally be under 35 pixels high by 200 pixels wide. Once you have added the logo, and it has appeared on the page, hit the "done" button to return to the menu.


Q: Who appears on the user list?
A: By adding someone to a page they automatically become a user of the system and are assigned a password for security purposes, but are not automatically added to your user list. You must add people to your user list for them to show up there.

Q: How do I add people to the user list?
A: Especially if your company is new to ReviewManager™, we recommend that you add all employees to the User List and that you make them Page Creators. Doing so will send each employee a New User Notification e-mail containing their password granting them access to the system, and the ability to create review pages.

  1. To add a user, click on the "user list" link at the bottom of the Menu.
  2. Click on the "new user" icon in the navigation bar and enter the person's e-mail address, first and last name.
  3. Assign them an appropriate security level (1= standard user, 2= page creator, 5= company admin).

As with the client list, if you want to add multiple users at one time, click "add next" and you will be allowed to add several users one right after another. Once you have added the last user on your list, click "add."


Q. An employee has left the company. How do I re-assign those pages to someone else?
A. Click on the "Admin Report" link at the bottom of the Menu. Click on the pencil in the "edit" column of the user's pages you wish to re-assign. You can check the pages you wish to reassign, and then choose the user in the pull-down menu to whom you wish to transfer the pages. Click "Transfer." Those pages should appear in the new user's files. You also have the choice of inactivating the old user on this page.


Q. What is the Admin Report?
A. As an administrator, you can keep track of the users and the amount of storage your company is using. It also gives you the months projected fees for usage of the ReviewManager™ system. You can keep track of all the users creating pages and being invited to pages. In addition, it gives you the summary of your company's ReviewManager™ plan.

About ReviewManager™


Q: What is ReviewManager™?
A: ReviewManager™ is a web-based application for quickly sharing creative materials with clients and co-workers. With ReviewManager™, you can securely access project materials from anywhere with a web connection: at job sites, in airports, hotels, production companies, even from home. Show your designs, movies, pictures, graphics, logos, animations, and more. With ReviewManager™, you can even put audio files up for others to listen to. ReviewManager™ offers instant web publishing, automatic e-mail invitations, and built-in graphic file conversion. People who are invited to a review page can enter comments right onto the page.

Q: What are the advantages of ReviewManager™ over simply sending e-mail attachments?
A: ReviewManager™ offers a much more elegant solution than e-mail or FTP file transfers, because it uses the most common universal interface, the web, for its basic communication. E-mail attachments can get lost, in some cases require decoding applications that people do not have, or get broken into unusable partial files. ReviewManager™ provides an immediate visual or audio presentation of the material at hand, unlike e-mail. Additionally, media sent over e-mail cannot be streamed, as it can over the web.

Q: Is ReviewManager™ safe? Does it allow confidentiality to be maintained?
A: ReviewManager™ was originally designed to distribute materials to the motion picture industry, where security is a top requirement. Every person is assigned a unique password to view only their review pages. No web folders are visible through FTP or other applications. Only registered users can publish review pages.

Q: How does ReviewManager™ track the history of creative material?
A: All comments appear directly on the review page with your creative elements. Return to the page at any time to view or print a complete chronological list of all comments received.

Q: What file formats besides GIFs and JPGs does ReviewManager™ support?
A: All file formats can be uploaded using ReviewManager™. Web-ready file formats can be viewed directly within the web browser. These include HTML, QuickTime movies, Shockwave files, RealPlayer files, AU sound files, PDF files, and more. In addition, ReviewManager™ automatically creates a jpeg preview of PDF, PostScript and PICT files. Thereby, any PICT screenshot or document printed to a PostScript file can be viewed instantly using ReviewManager™. All other file formats retain their original structure and can easily be downloaded.

Q: Can I use ReviewManager™ to transfer files?
A: ReviewManager™ is designed to display or present creative material. However, anyone who has access to a page, may download the original file from that page.